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I just opened a forum for sport discussion. I'm attempting to figure out how I want to have it, right now by going to http://www.sportsdiscussion.net you can see the two methods I'm considering.


1) {Sport} (ex: Basketball), Boards are "NBA", "NCAA" - will add a board for each league, like Football would have NFL, NCAA, Arena, United Football League, with each board having child boards for "News", "Teams (each team has a grandchild board)" "Players", "General Discussion".




2) Just hitting the main leagues as each category. Instead of Basketball just having "NBA" and then the 4 boards are on the index.


Also I would like some feedback on the forum's theme and the site concept (do you think this will be successful? what do you think of the domain choice). If you are going to tell me I shouldn't have used SMF please explain why, instead of just saying "bad choice" or "should have used {other software}".


Thank you,

site: www.sportsdiscussion.net

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Do you think you may have to many boards?


I grapple with starting a forum myself, my problem is whenever I go to forum and I don't see any new post I think the site is dead and I'm scared people will think the same of my site.

There was a Southeastern US site that had updated info every week in it's categories and almost no entries in their forum expect for spammers. Every time I went to that site I had a gut feeling that the site was dead. I mentioned this(forums with not many post) on the smf forum and others on there thought the same way.

Starting a forum these days is hard and from what I've read a year of daily start up work in a subject a person likes.

One of the suggestions by a guy that started a good small forum on smf was to limit the boards and categories and as you grow break out into new ones as you see where your users are from. Here is a link to his site.

Do you have many soccer contacts? Or I'm wondering if you leave it as is, see who is using your forum, then move post from under used boards after a month or so and then as you grow go in the direction your users dictate.

I'm sorry I've brought more variables into your model but I do hope you hit a home run. Slap it out if the park.

Anyway I'm a college football fan and it is a passion, I glad to see you have that board on your forum. I live in Florida and wear orange and blue but my family was some of the first people to settle in Alabama so my heart bleeds crimson.

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Looks like every other forum site out there, but there's not much you can do about that.

Change the color scheme, that bright and glossy color of blue is rarely good for an entire site.

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