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Running Executables as script

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I' m into a conversion project where some of the pages are already there as ".exe" files. I cannot rewrite them to php files since the client stick on to using "exe" for what they say security reasons.
I have to use "Apache 2.0" webserver and php5.

Is it possible to run the existing EXE files as script files. How can i configure Apache to treat EXE files in this way so that i can call them like "http://localhost/testExe.exe?param=value".

Please help me out.

Thanks and regards

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I'll have to get back to you on purely serving a .exe file. Would it be possible to call the file using PHP's exec() function and then parse the data that is returned using a PHP script? In that case you would be able to better control the access of your .exe file.

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