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Grouping results based on internal?

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I have in a database which stores insurance quote requests.

I want 2 queries that count the number of quotes by each referrer, grouping quotes made within a 10 minute period as 1 quote

Here is an example of the table and the wanted results.
ID referrer type time ip
1 XADW0124 MC 1161683434
2 XADW0124 MC 1161683464
3 XADW0124 MC 1161683484
4 XADW0124 PC 1161684425
5 XADW0139 MC 1161685322

ID  referrer      type  time            ip
3    XADW0124  MC    1161683484
4    XADW0124  PC    1161684425
5    XADW0139  MC    1161685322

Referrer        Num Quotes Filtered      Num Quotes Unfiltered
XADW0124    2                                4
XADW0139    1                                1

Thanks for the help,

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Intersting question... if it were by day/month, this would be relatively easy, since you could either use a sub-query or use a derived table; however, I'm stumped on how to generate 10-minute period bins... maybe with a self-join?  I'll have to think about it.

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