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Apache won't serve PHP files

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i'm running Apache v2.x on linux


the server itself is running, but apache doesn't recognize PHP files, it asks me if i want to download them.


i had to reinstall Apache the other day because i made a mess of it while messing about with it.

i've edited /etc/apache2/apache2.conf to add the following:


AddType application/x-httpd-php .php


and done a graceful restart with apache2ctl but it doesnt seem to work.

i also don't have an .ht* file in any of my dir's that might tell .php files are anything but applicatoin/x-httpd-php files.


i've tried everything i know but nothing works.

either i've forgotten something, or apache is reading another .conf file from somewhere else...but other changes to apache2.conf seem to work.

for example, i enabled the server-status and server-info options in that same conf file, and while server status doesnt seem to work, server-info gives a 403 header (forbidden) even when i run it as root via lynx.


does anyone know if there's an apache tool that i can use which will tell me the order of the conf files being read?


i'm open to any suggestions. i just can't figure out what i've missed out. i've done this a million times before :/



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hey, thanks for the reply.




all the paths i mention here are relative to /etc/apache2/


mods-available/ has php4.conf and php4.load


mods-available/php4.conf has this:

<IfModule mod_php4.c>
 AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml .php3
 AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps



and mods-available/php4.load ahs this:

LoadModule php4_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp4.so



and mods-enabled/ has php4.conf and php4.load which are both symlinks to their counterparts in mods-available/




so everything seems in order to me. am i missing something?


and all files in mods-enabled/ and mods-available/ are included via apache2.conf...but just to double-check things, i added the LoadModule directive for the PHP module in apache2.conf as well and when i tried graceful via apache2ctl, it throws an error saying that the module was already loaded.



thanks for your time.

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when php was configured, was the --with-apache2 switch used?

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it probably does. i haven't touched my PHP installation. i just reinstalled Apache, i did it again a few minutes ago but using Ubuntu's apt-get system, i didnt compile it manually.



i tried this:

php -in /etc/php4/apache2/


so that i could see the options but it still loads the php.ini from /etc/php4/cli/


got any ideas, effigy?


thanks so far.

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ooops, i used -n instead of -c for PHP cli heh heh, anyway i just tried this:


php -c /etc/php4/apache2/php.ini -i | grep -i apache



and all i get is this:

Configuration File (php.ini) Path => /etc/php4/apache2/php.ini


so i guess i don't have that flag in my PHP install...but i don't recall touching my PHP installation in the last two days...




in any case, as long as i have the proper AddType directive in apache2.conf, Apache shouldn't ask me if i want to download the PHP file, right?

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correct. i have limited knowledge with installs, but all i can say is use the manual. mysql and apache should be installed first then php last, because it's configure options point at those two. i recommend compiling php against using a binary.

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yeah you're right. i will probably save more time if i did it all manually all over again.


thanks for the reply anyway :D

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