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Can't unserialize objects?


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I took an object, and saved it into a database serialized.


$object_here = serialize($theobject);

Then later on, I go and I get that data from a database, and try to unserialize it..


$objecthere = unserialize($row->theobject)


And it throws the following error...any advice?

Warning: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Node no longer exists in /path/to/file on line 20

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1.) Make sure that the database field is large enough to hold the serialized array. Serialized data is very space-inefficient in PHP, and many DBs (like MySQL) will silently truncate field values that are too long.


2.) Make sure that you are not serializing a resource id / object (because they can't be serialized)


3.) When saving serialized data, don't try and do anything to it other than escaping ( mysql_real_escape_string() )

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I am taking an XML feed, and turning it into an array with


$response = simplexml_load_string($results);


Then I am turning the $response->actions which is an object, into a serialized string.  Then saving it into a database table, as a varchar 225...

it's not a large array though.

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