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picking up all Ids

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All Ids follow 1st Id, ok, so in a previous post i had a problem where i couldnt show the hotels from a hotelType, and the hoteltype was either Golf, Hotel or villa, I fixed that problem with this code on the hotel display page

mysql_select_db($database_conTotal, $conTotal);
$query_rsHotels = "SELECT * FROM tabHotel WHERE hotelType ='$type'";
$rsHotels = mysql_query($query_rsHotels, $conTotal) or die(mysql_error());
$row_rsHotels = mysql_fetch_assoc($rsHotels);
$totalRows_rsHotels = mysql_num_rows($rsHotels);[/code]

but now the problem is that it seems to put all of the hotel types into the hotel, golf, and villa pages , so if its the hotel page, it will also pick up the the golf and villa hotelTypes

any suggestions as to why?

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