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OR problem


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hey guys,

Im having a problem that should be easy:

[code]SELECT *
FROM subjob
WHERE pname = 'PHP Get Parameter'  AND subjob.markcomplate != 'Y' OR  subjob.markcomplate IS NULL [/code]

well I need this to give me the results filtered by the project name (pname) then filter it again by "markcomplete" not equaling 'Y'. But it would seem if that field is NULL then it won't return it. Strange but oh well,.. so I put in the OR statement and of course now its ignoring the first statement as long as that field is NULL,.. How would I do this correctly?
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When dealing with AND and OR in the same query, you need to show precedence by using parenthesis around the parts of the query you want grouped:
SELECT * FROM subjob WHERE pname = 'PHP Get Parameter AND (subjob.markcomplete != 'Y' OR subjob.markcomplete IS NULL
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