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login form - member and admin page after login


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i need help an idea how can i separate members from admins

since i dont know how to create login form i used tutorial (

)  (its session login form only that i made it work other tutorials wre too old or something)

how what i want to do is separate members and admins because admin need more rights to do

now i have idea but dont know will it work like that

what i want to do is create additional row in table named it flag and create 0 (inactive user) 1 (member) 2 (admin) will that work?

and how can i create different navigation bars for users and admins? do you recommend that i use different folders to create it or just script based on session and flag?

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what you can do is just create a separate folder for members and admin..and separate table for both login, keep it clean for long run


member will use the session as



  // If the session vars aren't set, try to set them with a cookie
  if (!isset($_SESSION['user_id'])) 
    if (isset($_COOKIE['user_id']) && isset($_COOKIE['username'])) 						 	{
      $_SESSION['user_id'] = $_COOKIE['user_id'];
      $_SESSION['username'] = $_COOKIE['username'];


and admin as



  // If the session vars aren't set, try to set them with a cookie
  if (!isset($_SESSION['admin_id'])) 
    if (isset($_COOKIE['admin_id']) && isset($_COOKIE['adminuser'])) 						 	{
      $_SESSION['admin_id'] = $_COOKIE['admin_id'];
      $_SESSION['adminuser'] = $_COOKIE['adminuser'];


Note: make sure the difference in cookie 

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wat u can do is


u should put one flag  column in database which will tell u whether the logged in user is admin or a normal client

Once u know which user has logged u u can redirect that user to the respective url


And yes it would be better to have different folder for different user type


say for admin it would be admin folder

and for user it would be user folder

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