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How would I...

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How would I get the information from the address bar after the slash using php?

To be more specific I mean this:


Is there a way I can get the "mypage.html" using PHP. I want to create a page with a sentence like this:

"The requested URL "mypage.html" could not be found" If you catch my drift.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Wasn't quite solved :(.

It keeps redirecting to 404.php if I have an error so if I type in www.example.com/asdmkoasndaojsdnasd.php the address bar will change to www.example.com/404.php and not stay as "asdmkoasndaojsdnasd.php" so it says:

"The requested "404.php" was not found"

Any clues? :(

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If it's custom 404 pages your wanting, you'll have to edit the 404.shtml file to forward those variables to 404.php.

I can't remember the exact instructions but I can find out for you in a second

take a look at this tutorial

Nevermind, if you have it redirecting to 404.php already on an error then you must already have that setup
you need to tell 404.php to use the $_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL'] variable

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