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Problem with session contents


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Hi guys.


This is my first post here, so excuse me if i am posting this in the wrong forums.

I am making a website, and having a huge problem.


The script is used for orders of different services. And i am using sessions to store the information through serveral pages.

But my problem is that on my final page, where the script sends an email with i can not get it to view the contents of one session.

I am using the same session on a different page and it works like a charm. When i try debugging the session it won't print the contents, so i am guessing something is very wrong?


My code of the page is bellow, let me know if you need anything else:



Please help me  :D

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More detail would help. What are your expected results? and what is actually happening?


I expect it to print the filename of the image stated in the database. And nothing happens. I does not get the filename. Although i use the exact same piece of code on a different page, and it works just fine.

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Well i think the problem is in the following lines:


 $r=mysql_query("select * from product where suspend='No' and prod_id=$_SESSION[product]");


        <img src="http://artemisinvest.dk/anpo/proimgs/th/'.$_SESSION['product'].'" width="139" height="184" />


However, i does not get an error message. It just dosen't show up.


Could it be something with that i use the same varible in a another file?

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