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Pass by reference Deprecated?


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Hi Guys


Probably a simple answer to this.


Writing a script where I have a foreach to escape data in a multi dimensionsal array - destined for the database.


I want to preserve the the escaped values in the array so I've passed in the value by referece. See code below:


foreach($myarray as $key=>$value){

foreach($value as $k=>$v){

$v =   $mysqli->real_escape_string(&$v);
echo  $v ."<br/>";




I've switched on error_reporting(E_STRICT), because i read it was good practice to build your scripts with this on.


Anyway - when i pass by reference I get a message as follows:


Deprecated: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated in C:\wamp\www\wh\C.php on line 105


So if pass by reference is deprecated, what's the alternative?


I realise i could pass the new values to a new array. But does this mean i shouldn't pass by reference anymore?


Many thanks and sorry for going round the planet to ask such a simple question.





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The property way to use a parameter as a reference is to declare that in the function, then just pass the variable as normal.  Example:


function myFunc(&$ref){
    $ref = 567;

$v = 123;



You should only be using the reference if you need too.  Your pasted code doesn't look like anything that would need to use a reference so just remove it.

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