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select from multiple tables


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hi im trying to echo out all the possibilities from one column in 2 different tables, both with the same structure. if that makes sense


this is what i have


$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM stanjamesprem,centrebetprem GROUP BY eventname ORDER BY eventtime ");

while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($query))


echo $row[eventname];



if i take one of the tables out it works fine but if i have 2 table names it doenst work


please help me


cheers matt


any questions please ask away


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When you have a SELECT and a FROM you need to have a WHERE or you're just going to get everything in the world. The WHERE is the device that tells you the row or rows that you want to look at.


The GROUP BY is not needed.


After you get your query working you might need a ORDER BY but wait on that.




You really shouldn't use the * but should name the columns you want to see. When you do that you need to have the table name plus a dot plus the column from that table. like

SELECT stanjamesprem.column, centrebetprem.whatelse FROM stanjamesprem, centrebetprem WHERE stanjamesprem.ID = centrebetprem.anotherID;


It's hard to give advise when i don't know what your trying to do.

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