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is this enough? :

function custOut($val){ //declare function to check values, take in any variable passed to it and assign it to $val while it's inside the function
  if (is_array($val)){ // check if the variable that was passed in is an array, if it is
    foreach($val as $k=> $v){ //run through the array, assigning the keys as $k and the vaules as $v
      if(trim($v) == '' || empty($v) || !isset($v)){ //if the value (once all empty space has been removed) is an empty string, or if the value is false, or if the value is not set
        $v = 'N/A'; //make the value = to the string 'N/A'
      }//close if value check
    }//close for each
  } //cloase if array
  else{ // if the value passed in is not an array
    if(trim($val) == '' || empty($val) || !isset($val)){ //perform the same check directly to the value that was passed into the function
      $val = 'N/A'; // and applt the string value of 'N/A' if it matches the check
    }//close if check
  }//close else
return $val; //now that we are done we can return the value of $val back to the main code, only changed if it met with the checks and exactly as it was if it didn't
} // end of function. nb. If we didn't return anything the rest of the code would have no access any changes made in the function

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