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sql yog..help pls

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okay so my current problem is my table only shows this


photo 1..


this is the code


this is the one need to be changed

$query="SELECT * FROM tbllocation where districtid = '$district'";

while($row=mysql_fetch_array($result)) { 
$code = $row['code'];
$description = $row['description'];
    $districtid = $row['districtid'];    
echo "<tr><td>$code</td>";
echo "<td>$description</td></tr>";
echo "<td>$districtid</td></tr>";




okay based on photo 1..i need to change the districtid with description from another table that is called tbldistrict





okay so i need the DESCRIPTION from tbldistrict to replace DISTRICTID as in photo 1..



how do i do the query..n the codes to display it. please teach me. im new..




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