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75 second timeout error.


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include_once 'Phlickr/Api.php';



* I wrote this script because it's a real pain in the ass to generate the

* authorization tokens. Hopefully this will make it a little easier.


* @version $Id$

* @author  Andrew Morton <drewish@katherinehouse.com>

* @license http://opensource.org/licenses/lgpl-license.php

*          GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2.1


print "This script will help you retrieve a Flickr authorization token.\n\n";


// Prevent PHP from enforcing a time limit on this script



// Get the user's API key and secret.

print 'API Key: ';

$api_key = trim(fgets(STDIN));

print 'API Secret: ';

$api_secret = trim(fgets(STDIN));


// Create an API object, then request a frob.

$api = new Phlickr_Api($api_key, $api_secret);

$frob = $api->requestFrob();

print "Got a frob: $frob\n";


// Find out the desired permissions.

print 'Permissions (read, write, or delete): ';

$perms = trim(fgets(STDIN));


// Build the authentication URL.

$url = $api->buildAuthUrl($perms, $frob);

print "\nOpen the following URL in your browser and and authorize:\n$url\n\n";

print "Press return when you're finished...\n";



// After they've granted permission, convert the frob to a token.

$token = $api->setAuthTokenFromFrob($frob);


// Print out the token.

print "Auth token: $token\n";


// Optionally, create a config file.

print 'Save these settings? (y/N): ';

$saveit = strtolower(trim(fgets(STDIN)));

if ($saveit{0} == 'y') {

    print 'Filename: ';

    $filename = trim(fgets(STDIN));

    print "Saving settings to '$filename'\n";


    print "Use this with Phlickr_Api::createFrom() to create an object.\n";







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Ah... I see.


I recommend you look into cURL for that, so that you can automate the login process and not have to rely on STDIN. Either get the login info from a form, which runs the above code after submitting, or define them in the top of the script. Either way will work just fine, depending upon whether you need only one or many users to auth.


PS: You'll want to use [php][/php] tags around your code, as it makes it a whole lot easier to read. Remember to use the square brackets. ;)

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