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  1. Christian F.

    PHP Exec Function Doesn't work with cd Ubuntu Command

    Same goes for shell_exec, btw.
  2. Christian F.

    PHP Exec Function Doesn't work with cd Ubuntu Command

    Yes, "cd" does not change the working dir of PHP, but the "instance" of the shell that gets invoked using "exec". And each execution is a separate instance. Also, any particular reason why you're trying to use shell commands instead of the built-in PHP commands like glob?
  3. Christian F.

    Page URL keep anchor after header redirect

    Hmmm... Upon re-reading your thread, I think I understand what your problem is. Though, that said I don't see why it's happening. Will need to do some testing. Added: After some testing it seems as if the browser keeps the identifier and then automatically adds it to the URL, if redirected to the same resource. The way to defeat this is by adding an empty identifier to the redirected URI. In other words: Add a single # to the end of the URIs in your header () calls, and this problem will go away.
  4. Christian F.

    Page URL keep anchor after header redirect

    Then remove them from the action attribute of the form tags..?
  5. Christian F.

    Page URL keep anchor after header redirect

    Just add the identifier (what you call anchor) to the redirect manually, no need to make it more complex than that.
  6. Christian F.

    Strip 2 Trailing Zeros From Price - Magento

    An even better choice would be number_format (), as you can do more than just define the number of decimal places with it.
  7. Christian F.

    Username changes

    You can also change your own display name from your profile.
  8. Christian F.

    Username changes

    *Christian Laughs. No hard feelings I hope, but this was indeed priceless, Turd. Guess the lesson is to always pay attention to what you're doing, whether it be programming or anything else.
  9. The best advice I can give you at this point, is to walk through your code line for line, translating what it does to proper English. Doing that should highlight some of the logic errors you have, and help you figure out how to write the script to actually work. I'll give you one hint: You have not fetched the categories for the user, amongst other things.
  10. You'll need to read up on JOIN statements in MySQL, as that's what you need to fetch the relevant data from the database (in one query). From there it is quite easy to loop through the categories, and match the ID with the ones listed in the user-query. PS: Please indent your code properly, as it makes your code a whole lot easier to read. Which will help prevent lots of issues later on, when you (and others) are trying to understand what the code does.
  11. Christian F.

    Extract text from PDF

    Sorry about that, forgot the PDF library was only for creating PDFs. Though, for future reference I'd recommend that you add a note about what you've done to find the answer to your question, so that those who're trying to help you know that you've actually put forth an effort yourself. Plus, saves us all from wasting time by duplicating the effort, as in this case. In any case, a quick search after "php read pdf" gave me two answers (result #1 and #2, respectively): http://davidwalsh.name/read-pdf-doc-file-php http://webcheatsheet.com/php/reading_clean_text_from_pdf.php
  12. Christian F.

    Extract text from PDF

    Yes, the PHP manual. PS: I recommend that you read this article.

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