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  1. Christian F.

    PHP Exec Function Doesn't work with cd Ubuntu Command

    Same goes for shell_exec, btw.
  2. Christian F.

    PHP Exec Function Doesn't work with cd Ubuntu Command

    Yes, "cd" does not change the working dir of PHP, but the "instance" of the shell that gets invoked using "exec". And each execution is a separate instance. Also, any particular reason why you're trying to use shell commands instead of the built-in PHP commands like glob?
  3. Christian F.

    Strip 2 Trailing Zeros From Price - Magento

    An even better choice would be number_format (), as you can do more than just define the number of decimal places with it.
  4. Christian F.

    Username changes

    You can also change your own display name from your profile.
  5. Christian F.

    Username changes

    *Christian Laughs. No hard feelings I hope, but this was indeed priceless, Turd. Guess the lesson is to always pay attention to what you're doing, whether it be programming or anything else.

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