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[WordPress] Site using elegant theme / "gleam" template


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I am at a point in my journey through php and wordpress where my minds eye is outpacing my actual knowledge of the language itself. I am comfortable with my ignorance, so long as I can locate suitable resolutions to the visual challenges which arise throughout this process. I will have alot of questions about wordpress themes and templates, and how to best modify them in minor ways to produced my desired results. Although this is my first day on your forum, please know that I truly desire to learn.


First up - sophiasartproductions.com, using wordpress theme "gleam" from elegantthemes.com. I get the feeling lately that these guys simply buy themes and resell them, because often their support resolutions begin with "try this...." One would think that the author of a theme would be able to vett  a given solution, but thats another conversation for another time.


Here are my design challenges:


1. on the "gallery" pages ( which use a template labelled portfolio ), the file name appears in the lower left corner of the screen. the control panel for this portfolio page template has radion buttons to include or omit the title as well as description for the images, but do not seem to be functioning. I don't believe the feature will be used at any time, so I would just like to eliminate its integration in the template, or at the least, remove the instructions used to display it with the background image.


2. what things can be done to minimize "stretching" or " squishing" photos due to screen resolution/aspect ratios? is there a way for the code to detect a screen resolution and display a version of each photo appropriately cropped / centered for that resolution?


I thank you in advance for your assistance, and eagerly await your feedback


Nicholas D

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the feedback I need is for two issues --- removal of that data call, and lessening the effects of resolution / aspect ratio variations. I didn't really see a place for these types of requests, so I placed the post here. Would there be a better place for these requests? I do apologize if they are in the wrong area.




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If it will win the battle for getting a job as a php dev.. here goes. To answer the aspect ratio question. Usually you ignore the height param, and program the width of the pic to desired pixel size. Yes, this does cause an issue if you have uneven sizes for photos, but if the width is consistent, this is usually forgivable. You could use php or perl to crop the pics so that they are even. But that will cost you ;):D :D

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