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Extract text from PDF


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Hey man, I actually took a look through that page of the manual before posting my question. I'm afraid that I'm just not seeing any function that deals with extracting the text from the pdf. Maybe I'm just not seeing it, or tired, or confused... I'm just trying to help a buddy of mine out and wondering if someone can point us to a tutorial or something.

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Sorry about that, forgot the PDF library was only for creating PDFs. Though, for future reference I'd recommend that you add a note about what you've done to find the answer to your question, so that those who're trying to help you know that you've actually put forth an effort yourself. Plus, saves us all from wasting time by duplicating the effort, as in this case.


In any case, a quick search after "php read pdf" gave me two answers (result #1 and #2, respectively):



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