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how do I include a OR to this statement? I tried the below... but no success. Could someone help?

(my idea is to check the name and marks match and at the same time to check if the grade is 1 or 2)


$result=sprintf("SELECT * FROM  db WHERE name = '%s' AND marks ='%s' AND grade = '1' || grade = '2'", mysql_real_escape_string($person), mysql_real_escape_string($mark));

$results = mysql_query($result);

if(mysql_num_rows ($results) == 0) {



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On an additional note, when your mixing AND and OR conditions you should use parenthesis around them to make it clear how they relate to each other.  If I am understanding the precedence in mysql right, what you have would be evaluated as this:

WHERE ((name = '%s' AND marks ='%s') AND grade = '1') OR grade = '2'


Which means you'll get records where grade=2 or (name=%s and marks=%s and grade=1).  In other words, you'll get records where grade=2 regardless of what the name and marks columns are set to.


What you intend (I am guessing) is for the query to be processed as:

WHERE name = '%s' AND marks ='%s' AND (grade = '1' OR grade = '2')


Which will return records where name=%s and marks=%s which have a grade column equal to either 1 or 2.



p.s. side note mysql does allow || (and &&) however OR (and AND) are more typical and standard.


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