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I have had this same problem when i started to make to directorys with mdir function. now i am having problems when i use the unlink function. heres the code.

unlink('uploads/cars/' . $user_id . '/car' . $car_number . '/');
unlink('uploads/cars/' . $user_id . '/thumbs/car' . $car_number . '/');

I am getting back

Warning: rmdir(uploads/cars/15/car1/) [function.rmdir]: Directory not empty inC:\inetpub\wwwroot\garage\phpfunctions\functions.php on line 315


Warning: unlink(uploads/cars/15/thumbs/car1/) [function.unlink]: Permission denied inC:\inetpub\wwwroot\garage\phpfunctions\functions.php on line 317


I have already set all permissions to the root directory idk what else to do. By the way im on IIS.


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<?php // Removing a directory & all its content
// glob('DIR/PATH/{,.}*', GLOB_BRACE); -- GLOB_BRACE will remove any hidden files in the directory.
$files = glob('DIR_NAME/{,.}*', GLOB_BRACE);
foreach($files as $file){ // Loop through each file in the DIR
   unlink($file); // Removing the file from the DIR
//If you don't want to remove the folder then remove the line below this comment.
rmdir('DIR_NAME'); // Remove the DIR


I hope this is helpful.

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Actually, in this case you'll want something that recursively deletes files and folders, in case the folders contain other folders. That's why I recommend using the following function:


* Will remove a file, or a folder and all of its contents.
* @param string $target Target folder/file to delete.
* @return bool
function unlink_recursive ($target) {
// If target is a file, just unlink it straight away.
if (is_file ($target)) {
	return unlink ($target);

// Target is a folder, so get all of its elements.
$contents = scandir ($target);

// Strip the meta-folder records.
array_shift ($contents);
array_shift ($contents);

// Loop through the individual records.
foreach ($contents as $file) {
	// Build the correct path to the file record.
	$file = $target.'/'.$file;

	// If record is a folder, recursively delete it and its contents.
	if (is_dir ($file)) {
		// In case of error, stop executing deletions.
		if (!unlink_recursive ($file)) {
			return false;

		// Skip to the next record.

	// Record is a file, delete it.
	if (!unlink ($file)) {
		// In case of error, stop executing deletions.
		return false;

// Finally, remove the folder itself.
if (!rmdir ($target)) {
	// In case of error, stop executing deletions.
	return false;

// Return successfully.
return true;


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