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Reading Unix Timestamp Into A Regular Date Expression


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I'm trying to search for some rows on one of my sql tables. I need to use the time stamp as the main search query, however the time stamp is saved as a unix time stamp. So the question is how do you do a search for results saved in October 2012 or 10-2012 with a Unix Time Stamp?

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Yes the date is in an integer format, and i believe the SQL is 5


Well what i ended up doing was just a BETWEEN Query. I found a site where i can convert a date into a UNIX time stamp and just search in between two values


SELECT SUM(your row) FROM your_table WHERE your_row BETWEEN your_value AND your_value;


If anyone has a different idea i'm open to hearing it :)



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There is a mySql function (UNIX_TIMESTAMP) that will convert a (mySql formatted) date into a unix timestamp.

SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE CreateDate > UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2012-10-12')


PHP can convert (strtotime) most formatted dates into a unix timestamp to be used in the query.


$minTime = strtotime('10/12/2012');
$sql = 'SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE CreateDate > ' . $minTime;


I have an internal site that stores unix timestamps, and I really, really wish I had not done that. Ad-hoc queries against the database are a pain, because you can't see the dates/times, unless you add the functions to do the conversion. If I was starting that project today, I would want to use DATETIME or TIMESTAMP.

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