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Android Linux Competitor?

The Little Guy

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So, I was reading some news, and saw that Ubuntu is planning on releasing "Ubuntu for phones" this month, I don't think it has a name (maybe), but I am kind of excited!




This Phone OS has its own SDK, and well it doesn't run android apps so IDK if it will become popular because of that, as Android already has a large following. Do you think people will design apps for it?


I guess the download that will come out this month will be for Galaxy phones, but it doesn't sound like a "Full Release"



What are your thoughts on this?

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What are your thoughts on this?



Seems pretty stupid?


The problem is that Android is already free and damn near perfect. Maybe if they made it so that you could connect a moniter, keyboard and mouse and turn your phone into an actual computer it would be worth looking at.

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Cool! you can write apps in more than one language unlike all the other OS's!


Good point. I'd like to see more done in getting PHP to be a 'real' programming language. I use it for chron daemons, shell scripts... everything you can use Python for, but people always treat Python like it's a real language and PHP isn't.

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