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Greetings from Michigan


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I am a graphics designer from Liviona, MI. I have been dabbling with PHP for years, but the last couple of months I have buckled down to learn php. Right now I am developing my own CMS using PHP. I have finally gotten how to wirte secure (well is secure php is a relative word isn't it. :happy-04: ) using mysqli and prepared queries, eventually I want to get into using PDO. Anyways, getting off topic, for this is the Introduction section. I have been dabbling with computers since the early 1980s and have been building my own computers since 2000. I used to run a BBS (Bulletin Board Service) that preceded the explosiion of the internet and remember connections of 300 bps and remember downloading files that would take 6 hours or more that were roughly 75K in size. So yes I'm a dinosaur when it comes to computing, but I plan on keeping up on tech and learing new languages until my last breath.


Have a nice day everyone,


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