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  1. Could it be a hosting problem? My previous hosting didn't have sessions enabled until I had to ask them.
  2. LOL! The date format's formatting is confusing and makes no sense. In the past most devs will write a class and do stuff like $date->showMinutes(); Nowadays most people use DateTime class, but if you need to echo the date in one page, you wouldn't initialize a whole class, so date still has to be used with its crazy formatting.
  3. I am sorry, but just because you use these frameworks doesn't mean that everyone who do not use them are stupid like you are trying to imply. You are just another soldier in the "we use frameworks" army. I am a soldier in the "we do not use frameoworks " army Let's keep it civil...
  4. SQLite - awesome DB!

  5. Thank you for the suggestions everyone!
  6. Hello, I was wondering if you could please give me some pointers on how to find programming freelance projects. The only freelancing I have done so far was throughout friends and occasionally people on forums, but I have heard there are many ways by which you can score a project. I tried google it, but I couldn't find anything relevant. I have also created profiles on various freelancing websites, but I was wondering if there are other way?. Thank you very much! Best Regards Stefany
  7. Awesome book indeed, I have been reading it for some time now seriously. What I mostly like about it is that they actually "talk" there, while in the other programming books, they only show you tons of code with very little explanation on what to do now or how to use the code they have shown.
  8. Notepad++. I get a little jealous when using IDEs because I want to write all the code by myself
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