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  1. Could it be a hosting problem? My previous hosting didn't have sessions enabled until I had to ask them.
  2. LOL! The date format's formatting is confusing and makes no sense. In the past most devs will write a class and do stuff like $date->showMinutes(); Nowadays most people use DateTime class, but if you need to echo the date in one page, you wouldn't initialize a whole class, so date still has to be used with its crazy formatting.
  3. Is this your final script? You want to notify the user via email, no? Because you are not sending an email here, or outputting anything. Check in the phpMyAdmin SQL console your query to make sure it is correct.
  4. ^^As the colleague above suggested, use a cron job, but be extra careful when writing the code for it. Make sure you log and email every error because if something goes wrong you won't be able to tell until users start complaining. And make sure to set the server to run the cron during the night (remember that the time in the server might be different than your current timezone)
  5. It's possible, if it is an old edition. OP, which year is the book published?
  6. I am sorry, but just because you use these frameworks doesn't mean that everyone who do not use them are stupid like you are trying to imply. You are just another soldier in the "we use frameworks" army. I am a soldier in the "we do not use frameoworks " army Let's keep it civil...
  7. SQLite - awesome DB!

  8. Notepad++. I get a little jealous when using IDEs because I want to write all the code by myself
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