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Setting up server in Aptana

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Good morning guys,


Just wondering if you could possibly help me setup my WAMP server to work with Aptana 3?


I have googled it and found a response from another blog type website and have tried what they said but to no avail.


I have setup my workspace to be in C:\wamp\www.


I have opened up my files in Aptana from the www\ folder, the same ones I had in my text editor.


I went to Window -> Preferences and then Aptana Studio -> Web Servers and created a new web server.


For the name I put 'Coder'.


For the Base URL I put http://localhost


For Document Root I put C:\wamp\www


Not sure what I am doing wrong, when I try to run my index.php using the 'Run' button, it is opening up the file in FF and prompting for download.


When I go to 'Run Configurations' and the 'Web Browser' node and click on the FF one, when I select 'Use selected server' and choose the one which I created nd try to run FF, it brings up an error saying: "'Launching Firefox - Internal Server' has encountered a problem. Generic server doesn't suport start". It is only when I choose 'Use built-in web server' in the configurations that it actually opens up firefox but then as stated it prompts for download.


The link which is in the address bar when FF opens and prompts for download is this : file:///C:/wamp/www/Fathers/index.php


Please help me, I really want to give IDE's a chance and I can't get this to work (first timer) :sweat:


Thanks in advance,







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Now I am getting the files to open up in the browsers ok only when I select 'Use built-in web server' though and my PHP code isn't executing.


The url in the address bar now is:


Anyone know what I am doing wrong? When I select the server which I set up it is still bringing up the error dialog with the message stated in my previous post.


Kind regards,



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