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Yii "white page of death"


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Hi all,


I'm developing a application with the Yii framework, and implemented a record security by adding 3 functions to all models (canIView, canIEdit and canIDelete).

All models extend the same basemodel class, and all crud interfaces are simular.


For some reason whenever I try to view the cruds of the models "Product" or "Order" I get a white page, and no logs anywhere...


Debugging some I can echo lines upto the following line in code


echo "before";
$model = Product::model();
echo "after";

Before is shown, but not after.


The same code on a different model like "Division" does work...


Both models extend the same class (AuditModel) which implements several security functions and populates audit fields etc...


Can anyone help me debug this... or give an indication where I can find anything to point me towards any error in the code...


Yii application log is empty

Apache log is empty



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