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Performance in using dblink function of postgressql


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Recently i had a situation where i had to get the data from multiple tables from different databases on the same db server.

This can be achieved in 2 ways.

Approach 1:

By using dblink function of postgressql we can join different tables from diffrenet batabase and can create a single query to retrieve data.

Approach 2:

i.e., functional approach -

For Example: lets consider we have database1 and it has table1 and database2 which has table2. table2 of database2 is dependent on table1 of database1. So we can have 2 separate functions like we can have function1() to get the data from table1 and function2() to get data from table2 and from the result of 2 function we can manipulate the data and can aquire the required output.


I just wanted to know among this two approach which one is better in terms of faster processing which will increase the application performance?

Do we get any security issues if we use dblink?


Thanks in advance,



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What kind of processing do you do with the data from the other database, and how uptodate does that data have to be (I think you know where I'm going with this :-) )


DBLink isn't a big risk for security as long as you set the accessrights up correctly, by host/ip and by user.

However, I don't know how DBLink will handle things like indexes if you join tables across a link.


I'm curious about why the data lives in separate databases  when you apparently need all the data at the same time in the same database to do this task work.

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