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Rock Solid Registration System?


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We peoples help on here I have built a website and I have businesses registering which I am delighted with. However a number of companies are not completing their profiles.


I dont know if this is because they dont receive the confirmation email or the process is to long. I have emailed some of the companies but they dont respond.


The site is B2B and requires quite a lot of information as I need the information to make the site work. Some businesses fully register and enter all the details required.


Can anyone suggest how to improve the registration sytem or best practice for a registration system?

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You've been given plenty of suggestions, advice and recommendations over the months you've been hacking at this. None of which you seem to have taken to heart. If you're willing to listen now, just go over your old threads, should provide you with ample advice for improvement.


Personally, I find the idea of you running any kind of web-based business that you've coded "yourself" terrifying. You simply do not have nearly enough experience nor knowledge with programming to make anything remotely secure enough.

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No, I'm afraid there are no simple guides.

The reason as to why there isn't one is simple though: There is no one plain and simple answer that is applicable for all situations, it all depends upon the requirements of the application and the client.


There are a number of things that one absolutely must do as a minimum, again depending upon what kind of data you're gathering, how you process it, and how you store it. Then there are a number of things that one should do, which is also dependent upon the entire process. Lastly there are a number of things that you might want to consider, if you think they might bring added value or if you have some special requirements.


My point is that an e-mail address needs to be treated differently than a user ID, which needs to be treated differently than a password. Also, an application for a personal blog has vastly different requirements than an application meant to be used by a bank.

Depending upon what, exactly, "your" application does it is probably somewhere on the "banking" half of that scale. Exactly where I cannot tell without knowing exactly what your requirements are.

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