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RacoonJS HTML5 Canvas Game Engine


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Hello guys!


I created simple HTML5 Canvas Game Engine and want to share with my creation.


There's a link to the project (on github): https://github.com/Volter9/RacoonJS


And demo: http://volter9.github.io/RacoonJS/demos/Asteroids/index.html


Thank you for attention.

P.S.: I hope I not violating any rules.

P.S.S.: To admins/moderators: did I choosed right section to post in?

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Great demos. Needless to say, the next step, aside from enhancing your engine would be to get documentation for your api. There are lots of options for generating them from your source annotations/docblocks. This recent article has some really good options you could investigate: http://www.lsauer.com/2013/05/javascript-documentation-generator.html#.UjAlLhZnTzL


One thing that I don't understand, is why you aren't using git version tags. Putting all the versions of your library in a /ver/... directory structure seems to miss the whole point of version control.

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