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Very new and trying to take on PHP calendars


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Hello all,


I just have to start by saying i am very much new to PHP. Iv only done basic things but would really like to learn more. I am also new to forums so please try see past my "not so bright" moments and help.


I have to build a interactive calendar. People who visit the website will select days they would like to rent the flat for. This will then make those dates unavailable for other people, so they shouldnt be able to select it. The cost of the flat will change according to date (Jan-dec : December being more expensive for christmas etc.) Rates will also influence the cost.


Is there some sort of tutorial or site i could visit that will show me how to do this? Or does any one maybe know how to help me?


I am quite despirate for help and information. Being the noob isnt exactly awesome.


Please, please, please help me



- Anything will help



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I'm not sure you are going to find a tutorial that covers something so specific. And again, unless you have specific problems, its going to be pretty hard for people to help.


This isn't exactly the simplest of tasks for a new comer to take on. I would be more inclined (if I were you) to try and find an open source solution to your problem.

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Thank u so very much for your reply!!! Do you maybe know where I could find a open source interactive calendar?


I have tried but they are either not what I want or don't look very nice... I don't think I have the option of being picky though.


Thank u so very much for your reply.



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jQuery UI has a calendar widget:



It has an option to which you provide a function that tells whether it's possible to select that day.



jQuery UI has custom themes (under Gallery) or you can roll your own:


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