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WordPress AJAX. jQuery Post data not available

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Hello everyone!

I've been at this WordPress AJAX functionality for almost 2 weeks and I've had it working in a basic state for about 2 days. However passing along geolocation data WITH the $.ajax data is ruining my life. Here's what's going on:


// click "trigger" function

  // data: object
  data = {
     latitude: $('input#latitude').attr('value'),
     longitude: $('input#longitude').attr('value')
}); // end click func
    function _do_ajax(obj) {
            url: My_Obj.ajaxurl, // the request is sent to admin-ajax.php
            data: data,
            dataType: 'json',
            success: function( response ){ loops and stuff }

WordPress is very specific as to the ways you can do AJAX requests. If you're not familiar with them: The above queries a wp_ajax_ACTION in functions.php. My action function is called wpa56343_search. This function is where I need to include post variables for use within the query it performs.


The way it is working now logs 

Object {action: "wpa56343_search", latitude: "42.041261299999995", longitude: "-70.9414206"} 

Now why can't I get these through traditional methods such as:

$latitude = $_POST['latitude'];
$longitude = $_POST['longitude'];
// to use within the query function
function my_ajax_search($latitude, $longitude){ query here }

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