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[code] tag warning?

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I would like to know why I have been given this warning:



You have been given a warning by .josh.

Reason: Other
Not trying to be anal but...

You've been a member for almost 4 years, and have almost 1k posts...I think you should know by now to use code tags in your posts!



I am pretty sure i use code tags. always, maybe i forgot.


To that end, I will not be helping on this forum anymore. A warning for not posting code tags? wtf? I couldn't post unless i "acknowledged" the warning. This is like school. I have helped people on here because i like helping. not to be a part of some crazy mans empire.


Maybe i just forgot to use code tags, and i get a warning like that, this forum is dead to me because of this admin.


Bye bye

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 I don't think it's too much to expect regular members to use code tags.  And I'm sure you did just forget.  Which is why it was a 1 point warning that expired almost immediately.  I mean really, it was the equivalent to a PM.


Also, this happened like 7 months ago.  You're just now getting around to seeing it and saying something about it?  Which means you haven't been active for like 7 months.  I think someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.  

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To add to Josh's point, when you don't use code tags, usually in order to make your post readable for the masses, one of the staff has to go in and edit your post and add them. If you're interested in helping others by posting answers, then I would think you would want your answers to be clear and readable right?

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