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Google crawling and indexing sites


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I had this site once and it just was not getting anywhere so I deleted it. But I still owned the domain and had paid for hosting. So I programmed a new site and used the same domain. My new site is a totally different topic and all the files from the old site are deleted off the server. But if I search the domain name in google is still shows links with titles that had to do with the old site. And when you click on them it takes you to the new sit but it looks all messed up. How do I get this garbage out of their indexes?

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If the URL in their index is no longer valid on the new site, then you should mark it as gone, which can be done using mod_rewrite or apache's Redirect argument. For example:

Redirect gone /the/old/url.php
Next time google tries to index that URL it will see that it is gone and slate it for removal from it's archives.


If the URL in their index is still valid, just with different content, then you'll just need to be patient and in time google will update to the new content. You can submit your URL to http://www.google.com/addurl/ to try and speed up the process of google re-indexing the site.

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In the Google webmasters tools, there is an option to delete your site from Google Index, just do it for your site, select to remove from directory and search results.


Also you will have to make a backlink removal plan for your website in case the new site is on different idea. It will not be relevant to have different backlinks. For this purpose you can manually delete all backlinks by changing the link on them (if you have access to them) or you can disavow them. (Google disavow tool)

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