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Critique My Portfolio Website


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Hi. I'd like to get some feedback on my portfolio website before I begin to use it. At the moment, it doesn't look too bad in my opinion, but I'm not exactly satisfied with it either. The main issues I have with it are the fonts and the color scheme. Perhaps your honest critique will help me improve it.


The website: http://www.lian-design.com/


By the way, don't pay too much attention to content of the text, I will revise it when I'll have the time. Also, the email form doesn't work at the moment.




Thanks in advance for any responses.

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* Not keen on the mix of fonts. Mainly the one used in the nav, but I don't think any of them work particularly well together. Maybe Google for some nice font combinations; Google Web Fonts has a good selection to choose from.


* The slogan in your logo reads a little repetitive having "design" in there twice. I would either use a synonym or go with something different.


* I don't think the background image you've used goes with your "clean + simple" headline. I removed it with the web inspector and I preferred it plain white. I would look for a better one; try subtlepatterns.com.


* The nav is a little odd when you click "Contact Me" and it loads the "Who I am" page and jumps to a contact form. Just a minor usability issue to think about. I've been working on a portfolio myself recently, it's not done by any means, but maybe go with a similar chasing nav and have everything on one page.

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