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Hey y'all.


I've been coding php pretty steadily since the early to mid 90's and am always looking for more knowledge, new viewpoints, other advice, and to help out wherever I can. I took a quick look-see through the forums here and it looks like a nice place (and far more active than some of the other forums I tend to lurk at), so I created an account and here I am!


I like long walks on the beach, moonlight, OO-style PHP, and using print() instead of echo. I also like curly braces and get confused easily when my co-workers don't use them in their conditionals, but I attribute that last one to old age and failing eyes...


In all seriousness, I'm not sure how much I'll be around - let alone how much help I can offer to anyone when I am - but I wanted to say hi!


- maxxd

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