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Hai guys,


I'm programming something like a text-based game now, but I've a question..


I want to have a script running, that updates every hour (01:00, 02:00, etc.) the values of some MySQL tables.


I've now something like this, but I don't know if this is the right way to do it. So do you guys have any tips to do something like this? Thanks in advance.



if (date("i", time()) == "00") {
	while($x = mysql_fetch_object($dbres))
	$update[$x->name]		= $x->time;
	if(floor($update['hour']/3600) != floor(time()/3600)) {
		$dbres				= mysql_query("SELECT GET_LOCK('hour_update',0)");
		if(mysql_result($dbres,0) == 1) {
			$cron_pass			= "secretcronpassword";
			mysql_query("UPDATE `cron` SET `time`='".time()."' WHERE `name`='hour'");
			mysql_query("SELECT RELEASE_LOCK('hour_update')");


if($cron_pass != "secretcronpassword")

$dbres = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `aandelen`");
while($aandeel = mysql_fetch_object($dbres)) {
	$koersmin      = rand(1,500);
	$koersplus       = rand(1,500);

	mysql_query("UPDATE `aandelen` SET `koers`=`koers`+$koersplus WHERE `naam`='".$aandeel["naam"]."'");
	mysql_query("UPDATE `aandelen` SET `koers`=`koers`-$koersmin WHERE `naam`='".$aandeel["naam"]."'");

if($aandeel["koers"] < 2500) {
	mysql_query("UPDATE `aandelen` SET `koers`=10000 WHERE `naam`='".$aandeel["naam"]."'");

$sql1 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE uurloon='1' AND familie <> 'Geen'");
if (mysql_num_rows($sql1)>0) {
    while($info2 = mysql_fetch_array($sql1)) {
		$row = mysql_fetch_assoc(mysql_query("SELECT * FROM families WHERE name='".$info2["familie"]."'"));
        mysql_query("UPDATE users SET cash='".($info2["cash"]+((($row["aandelen"]*200)/100)*25))."', bank='".($info2["bank"]+((($row["aandelen"]*200)/100)*75))."' WHERE login='".$info2["login"]."'");
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a few things I want to point out to you.


Your password check is happening a bit too late. By that point, you've locked the table and that exit you have in your code will stop your code dead in its tracks, meaning the release will never happen and so you're a bit stuck! Rare that it will happen, but when it does, you'll be scratching your head for hours.


Other thing I suggest is at the very least, change your functions to the MySQLi ones. MySQL functions are deprecated now so save yourself from headache. I'd personally say use something like PDO, as for a text-based game, it could be quite prone to attacks from wannabe hackers trying to learn something (talking from experience).


As far as your scripts are concerned though, it seems fine. I would personally use a MySQL transaction as a bit of protection just in case something does mess up somewhere along the way for reason X,Y,Z, you can just do a rollback and throw an exception which notifies you. Better to be paranoid than having bad data.

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