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Server-to-server file transfers

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(As usual, this is a different type of question; if it's in the wrong forum please move it.)


I own two domains: example.com and example.ru. These sites are essentially mirrors of each other but they provide better geo-awareness than having only one site.


If I have files that I need to copy from example.com to example.ru on a semi-regular basis, how do I do this programmatically? Obviously I have the login credentials, nameservers, IP addresses, and whatever else of both servers. What's the code to accomplish this? I have not ever tried to send files from one server to another. It certainly would be better than FTPing the files down to a local machine and then FTPing back up to the other server.



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Assuming these are linux servers with SSH access enabled, setup SSH keys for both servers to enable public-key-authentication between the two. Then you can use sftp or scp to transfer files between the two without having to enter password details.


As a second option, regardless of OS, you could always just setup FTP servers on each and create a login for the other server to connect and send a file.


Either of these options could be done directly from PHP code or you could exec() out to an external tool to handle the transfer.


As a third alternative you could setup some kind of periodic sync to keep a certain directory in sync between the two servers. cront + rsync would be one way to handle this. There are other tools out there as well.

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