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Hello trying to become php developer. Any Advice


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For me there have been a few things that have made a big difference:


1) in my early days of php, reading books on php. I think I read 5 before I could feel comfortable doing anything.

2) choosing a big task, like making an ecommerce app, just for experience. Choose something you think is hard for extra fun.

3) reading the php docs. Anything i don't know, read it, play with it. Right now I'm playing with SPL.

4) browse and play with php frameworks, never trying to stick with only one. Try to make your own.

5) always consider what everyone else is doing. If the trend is x, y, or z, then learn them, even if I don't use them.

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I would say it depends on your experience with Web application languages. First, I would get better by learning the HTTP protocol and everything related (client side VS server side, how does the HTTP protocol works, cookies, etc.)


Now, for back-end development, you could learn a bit more about Web services like REST with PHP.


You could also learn a couple of lightweight frameworks like Laravel and Codeigniter. I don't include Drupal or WP in the "framework" group, those are CMS platforms IMO.


Also, you could read this Website:



It's not complete but there are a lot of subjects that you could deepen by yourself (security, OO programming, etc.).


After you're more comfortable with those advanced subject, it will be time to delve into topics like performance testing, scalability and architecture. 


Good luck! Don't hesitate if you have any other questions ;)

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