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PHP HTML DOM Parser : parse, exclude and export

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Posted 07 April 2014 - 12:34 PM

Hello ! I'm new on this board and I need your help !
I explain you my problem. I'd like to collect the content of around 1000 URL in a textfile (I use the wget function in a bash). And then I want to parse this textfile in order to pick one type of content up in a csv file.
1) So my bash is this one :
for i in $(cat $file)
wget $i -O ->> songs_t.txt;
It works perfectly and the textfile songs_t.txt is well created. That textfile contains the content of the 1000 URLs.
2) Then I make a php script to parse songs_t.txt. I only want to get concert setlists (the setlist is only a part of a the content of each URL). So my approach is to remove tags such as 'a', 'h4', 'Title' and so on and save the rest in a csv file called 'SONGS.csv' An example of a URL can be seen here : http://members.tripo...un/8-17-63.html
My part of the php script dealing with the parsing is this one :
$html = file_get_html('songs_t.txt');
foreach ($html->find('title, script, div, center, style, img, noscript, h4, a') as $es)
$es->outertext = 'title, script, div, center, style, img, noscript, h4, a';

$f = fopen('SONGS.csv', "w");
fwrite ($f, $html);
The script works for the 35 first URL (I nearly only get the setlists) but as soon as the script has to deal with more than 35 URL, I have the following error message :
Call to a member function find() on a non-object in /home/julien/tests/boys2.php on line 23.
That line 23 corresponds to :
foreach ($html->find('title, script, div, center, style, img, noscript, h4, a') as $es)
3) In order to test if my html object is valid, I use that code :
html = file_get_html('songs_t.txt');
if (!is_object($html)){ 
echo "invalid object"; 
And the result is "invalid object". This test is made in a textfile composed of the content of 50 URL. But when I apply that test on textfile composed of 30 URL, I have no error ! So how can I do to parse my HTML even if it's not a entire valid object ?
Could you help me please ? 
Thanks !

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