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Syntax Issue


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I'm having trouble understanding this syntax error: 


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/students/phannum/public_html/n413/ooplr/classes/Cookie.php on line 19


Here it is in my code, highlighted and bolded:



class Cookie {
public static function exists($name) {
return (issest($_COOKIE[$name])) ? true : false;
public static function get($name) {
return $_COOKIE[$name];
public static function put($name, $value, $expiry) {
if(setcookie($name, $value, time() + $expiry, '/')) {
return true;
return false;
public static function delete($name){
self::put($name, ',' time() - 1);
Anything to help would be awesome!
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Take a close look at the erroneous line. You have a variable, then a comma, then a string with a comma in it and immediately after this a number. This is not valid PHP syntax.


As bsmither already pointed out, you probably wanted an empty string followed by a comma rather than a string with a comma in it.


That is, you want




rather than




See the difference?

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Hi PHannum,

In the future, just use the code bbtag around your code blocks. Easier for everyone.


Hopefully between bsmither and jacques1, you can see that you need three params to your self::put() method call and you have only supplied 2, it appears by accident.

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