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Php and web development wannabe

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  Hi all,

  Php and web development wannabe, started HTML in about 2006 for my ebay listings, CSS came shortly after but it wasn't until maybe 2009 when I used my first 'someone-else's-php-script' to implement a dynamic breadcrumb.

  Although I have trouble reading volumes of text, a lot of discussions on code draw me in. I end up taking in a lot but in a totally non-structured way.

  After lots of googling, reading and some more practice of putting 'other-people's-php' into action I found I understood that breadcrumb... Sort of. I merrily tore out over half the code and refactored using ternary operators - I can't see why people remove those to increase readability?? OFC I lost every hint of error management! Now I've heard of error management I try to envisage what might go wrong and print messages to screen if "something unexpected happened".

  So I've been bumbling along solving problems for specific tasks and asking a lot of questions - But I've never joined a php forum! Formulating a question that's not embarrassing to ask, usually ends with me answering my own question and when I do want to put something out there, I'd rather fill up Yahoo Answers (A few very good and very generous users on there!) with my gibberish than contaminate someone's proper, serious, scripting forum.

  So anyway, I had a question to ask earlier, YA seems to be running out of steam and I only half answered it myself so here I am...



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