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  1. Edit: I'm just off to look up 'storing a function in a variable', thought I'd post anyway, brb!! Hi all, back for more! I'm working on my standard php script, it goes something like: bootstrap settings build page content vars HTML5 So I build a variable like $pageContent then echo it in the HTML bit. Thing is, in trying to make an automated menu, I think two things I'm doing turn out to be at odds with each other. The menuer() does: Looks in a $dir for files (includes) returns an unordered list with 'query-links' like: ?p=$nameOfIncludeFile Page content generator (previous version) does: [html before] <? if($_GET) { include($dir . $_GET['p']); } ?> [html after] Building the var first, the IF wouldn't be in the HTML: (Cleaning up the HTML is largely the point) [html before] <? echo $pageContent; ?> [html after] But I don't think I can: Use the contents of the include file to build $pageContent Put a function after $pageContent .= Store an actual function in a variable (otoh, brb)
  2. Nice one Test files set up as below, will throw something similar in my live app in a sec. index.php <h4>This line HTML in index.php</h4> <?php include 'config.php'; include 'tools.php'; ?> config.php and tools.php <h4>This line HTML in config.php</h4> <?php include 'debug.php'; ?> <h4>This line HTML in tools.php</h4> <?php include 'debug.php'; ?> debug.php <h4>This line HTML in debug.php</h4> <?php $array = debug_backtrace(DEBUG_BACKTRACE_IGNORE_ARGS); echo basename($array['0']['file']) . ' is loaded<br>'; ?>
  3. I have this at top of my index page: <?php $debug = 'off'; define (SCR_PATH, '/home/buildmyb/scripty'); // Obligatory config file include SCR_PATH . '/config.php'; // tools include SCR_PATH . '/tools.php'; ?> and this debug thing in each file that gets included: <?php $debug = ''; // initialise it so if anything other then empty, do NOT do the if if ($debug === '') { echo 'this line is in ' . __FILE__; echo '<hr>'; } ?> I'd like a single source for the debug thing but, obviously I can't include() it in each include or __FILE__ will show info for that, not the one I want. What do I do?
  4. Yes... the context of my question! It appears I've found out why it doesn't exist, which answers my question, thank you
  5. The question I'm asking fizzles out if I'm loading content using a single point of entry, which I've figured out only very recently. (I have an awful lot of folders lying around containing index.php files!) So if you have a repository of your own scripts/functions etc... Do you keep them outside of public_html?
  6. I just put the following on a page pa($_SERVER); pa(get_defined_constants(true)); (where pa() just does a print_r wrapped in <pre> tags) I'm looking at it now...
  7. Increasingly I'm hardcoding '/home/username/myScriptsDir/script.php' at the start of index.php files to include some 'tools' I use during development. Now I'm getting more use out of functions, I want a library of my own available in the same way, to every site/subdomain/app/whatever on my rented (shared) linux webserver. Why am I finding it so hard to find a var (or constant) for '/home/username'? phpinfo() doesn't show me anything useful. Lot's of googling, nothing sems to work on my server (see paste below, not exhaustive, just to show I've been trying) I'm trying to get away from: Every site/subdomain/app/whatever gets it's own script in its own $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] Hardcoding '/home/username/blah/' Non-solutions like ../ when depth varies file to file Could do but not ideal: Use php to 'look for' a known path/file outside of public_html The above but, make php write the path it figures out, automated-hardcoding, then delete itself... Seems a little crazy to me... Compare get_current_user to $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] and make a var/constant from there (most reasonable idea so far IMO!) Things I just added because I'm looking at it now: Adjust $_SERVER vars using PHP Variables Manager (it's there in my cPanel) Add my own var using PHP Variables Manager or put a php.ini file in there Given the var isn't already there, I think there might be something bad about this idea /* ========== INCLUDES =========== */ include '~/ti.php'; include ('~/ti.php'); include realpath('~/ti.php'); /* $_SERVER vars that don't work on my server */ include $_SERVER['HOME'] . '/ti.php'; include ($_SERVER['HOME']) . '/ti.php'; include $_SERVER['USER'] . '/ti.php'; include ($_SERVER['USER']) . '/ti.php'; include $_SERVER['USR'] . '/ti.php'; include ($_SERVER['USR']) . '/ti.php'; echo $_SERVER['HOMEDRIVE']; echo $_SERVER['HOMEPATH']; /* getenv instead */ include getenv("home") . '/ti.php'; include (getenv("home")) . '/ti.php'; include getenv("user") . '/ti.php'; include (getenv("user")) . '/ti.php'; include getenv("usr") . '/ti.php'; include (getenv("usr")) . '/ti.php'; include getenv("HOME") . '/ti.php'; include (getenv("HOME")) . '/ti.php'; include getenv("USER") . '/ti.php'; include (getenv("USER")) . '/ti.php'; include getenv("USR") . '/ti.php'; include (getenv("USR")) . '/ti.php'; /* posix stuff */ include(posix_getuid()) . '/ti.php'; include (posix_getpwuid(posix_getuid())) . '/ti.php'; /* =========== ECHOES ============ */ echo realpath('~/ti.php'); /* $_SERVER vars that don't work on my server */ echo $_SERVER['HOME']; echo ($_SERVER['HOME']); echo $_SERVER['USER']; echo ($_SERVER['USER']); echo $_SERVER['USR']; echo ($_SERVER['USR']); echo $_SERVER['HOMEDRIVE']; echo $_SERVER['HOMEPATH']; /* getenv instead */ echo getenv("home"); echo (getenv("home")); echo getenv("user"); echo (getenv("user")); echo getenv("usr"); echo (getenv("usr")); echo getenv("HOME"); echo (getenv("HOME")); echo getenv("USER"); echo (getenv("USER")); echo getenv("USR"); echo (getenv("USR")); /* posix stuff */ echo (posix_getuid()); echo (posix_getpwuid(posix_getuid()));
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