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Is CakePHP 3.0 ready for use?


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Their website say that 3.0.0-alpha1 was only released at the end, so it's in alpha.


I wouldn't use anything alpha for anything I thought was going into production, but its there to play with.

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CakePHP and Codeigniter served a purpose in their day. With that said I'm not a proponent of using really old frameworks like these, when there are plenty of modern alternatives out there. With all due respect to cakephp, 3.0 sets a low bar when frameworks like symfony2 have been doing all the things that 3.0 is "Trying" to do, for years now. Cake had its day, but time has passed it by. I would think that most cakephp development these days is done by people supporting older projects, and someone doing a new project in any version of cake, not to mention one that is based on an alpha framework release, is completely insane.


Some good relevant ones worth looking at:




zend framework 2


There are also so-called micro frameworks like silex and slim that might work for you.



Personally, I think your investment in learning how to be productive with a framework is substantial and you are best off choosing one that has a substantial user base, a vibrant active community and good documentation.


You have to investigate all these to get an idea of what makes sense for you.

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CakePHP 3.0 is now ready to use as well as you can download it. In addition, you can learn easily via online tutorial and implement it in your programming.


And it's still 3 years late to the game, and way behind the alternatives.

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