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Web Servers and Database Structures Design


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I have spent lots of time trying to design a nice structure for my project and I would like some feedback to what you guys think, please note this is the first time I've ever done anything like this.


About My Project

I am creating a service where advertisers can search through a catalog of websites they want to directly advertise on. Once they have found a website, they can upload an image, pay the fees and start advertising on that website instantly.


I have designed an image of how I think the structure should look, I have designed it this way for efficiency but I am pretty sure I could improve with some help. If you need more info or have any questions, please ask.


Project Structure Design Image


Thanks for reading, what do you think about this structure? Can I improve it?

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Server 1:

frontend website with user accounts and browsing available websites

Server 2:

api access storing image locations in a db with a from/to

Server 3:

solely storing images and other files as you said


Your biggest issue would be any mysql queries if saving the from/to associating the images with that account.

Should try to cache those results to do less mysql calls, don't rely on the internal mysql query cache, it wipes out every new insert.

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