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grab some server-data


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I want to grab some data from this site, using a script.

But I am stuck right at the beginning. If you go to the site, you can make a selection with the drop-down-boxes and get some output. For example if you select (left side: text on page in dutch / right side: translation in english):


Selecteer competitienaam:  Najaarscompetitie 2014                      Select league name: Autumn League 2014
Selecteer competitiegroep:  Eredivisie dames                                Select league group: Eredivisie ladies
Selecteer weergave: Programma (incl. uitslagen en stand)            Select view: Program (including results and position)
Optioneel poule filter:  De Treffers R                                              Optional group filter: De Treffers R
Selecteer poule(s): Eredivisie - Poule A
                                          Select group(s): Premier League - Group A


I want to grab the output you get after making all the selections.

When I look at the webbrowser's page source the selections (drop-down-boxes) are inside an iframe from another domain:

<iframe src="http://www.nttb-competitie.nl/" width="100%" height="1200" scrolling="yes" frameborder="0" name="NTTB_Competitie"></iframe>

I figured out:

First, the script gets url:


And after last selection it gets url:


My problem is when I copy those URL's in a webbroser 's address bar, I get a page with only the words:

Ongeldige aanroep!

Which means "Invalid Call!"


So my question is: How can I grab the data instead of this stupid message?

Is it even possible or is it somehow protected?


Please help!

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