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Using PHP to grab data from another webpage


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I have a PHP driven CMS (self coded), for a group of users of a particular piece of software. The software writes information about the user (eg time logged in) etc to a website that is out of my control.

I want to be able to grab this data (which is displayed publically on a website) and put it into my MySql database once a week, as a cron job.

I can use cron and mysql fine, the issue is I have no idea how to go about grabbing data from another website.

I consider myself in the intermediate/semi-adavanced level with PHP, so a link to a tutorial would be great, i dont need the code making for me.

As the software is pre-release, i do not want to post it, or the website in question so the forum, but a generic response on the subject would be appreciated.


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Just because data is publicly available does not mean it is legal to copy it. I will leave it to you to verify wether that site allows you to do that or not.

What you are wanting to do is called screen scraping. Do a search for "PHP .creen scraping". There are free classes you can download to do all the heavy lifting.
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