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'Add to shopping cart' concerns


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I'm currently designing a very simple online store.  I have two classes -- Product and ShoppingCart.  Both are pretty self-explanitory.  Product just ties a product's name together with its price.  ShoppingCart holds an array of Products.

My concern is with the 'add to shopping cart' links the store will have.  I'm just not sure how to get the script to recognize the use of the 'add to shopping cart' links without having to rely on JavaScript.  Is there a way for me to do this without relying on JavaScript to serve as the go-between?

Thanks. :)
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I use a shopping cart with sessions and php.  When they click on a button it just adds the item to the cart and shows them the cart.

I could see how javascript could be used to add to the cart without taking you to the contents of the shopping cart page.
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