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Running python in Linux with tk root?

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So I just started watching the videos from Stanford, Google, MIT and a few on youtube. One of them contained the code for using tkinter function to create an application window and I tried to put the same type of thing together can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong cause nothing is happeing for me. I am running linux mint:

# - So this is what it feels like
# - To be alive
import sys

author = "Brian T. Flores"
version = "0.1"
sessionID = 0

#Get Interface

     from Tkinter import *

#initialize interface 

     root = Tk()

#modify root window info
     root.title("Unknown Limits - Massive Multiplayer RPG")

#initialize root window


#if session is > 0:

   #Get Player Info

          UserName = "Brian Flores"
          Password = "enterprise"
          rank = 32


          planetName = "Earth"
          plasmaOnhand = 1000000000
          titainiumOnhand = 340000
          crystalOnhand = 55000000
          magneticEnergyOnhand = 350000 
          ecosystem = "No" 

# yes or no depending on wars or natural disasters that could have damaged or destroyed your ecosystem if there is no ecosystem the atmosphere must be cleaned up and another must be transplanted from another world.

          ecosystemDamage = 10000;  
#Damage can result from experiments, wars, natural disasters. At 10,000 damage the ecosystem goes extinct. You can repair this damage my researching technologies and building machines to do such repair 
 #         else:
           #   print "You are not logged in!";

        # raw_input()

Well for some reason it's not working. All I am doing here is setting some vars and using the root.tk function.

If anyone has any Ideas or tips to get this basic script working let me know.


Thank you,


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