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Learning PHP OOP CRUD?


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Hey sorry that I am asking this question, though I have gotten around to learn connecting to a database and also do the retrieve, yet I am not necessarily getting to learn doing INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE the proper way.


The tutorials available are often not best, I have found a good book ("Object Oriented Programming in PHP5") which teaches SELECT, yet not necessarily INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.


I am really wondering how does one get to learn CRUD with PHP OOP, how did you people learn this? How can I learn INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE as well with PHP OOP?

I feel like paying for this on Elance or Fiverr. I am not sure how else to learn this by now, I have tried quite a bit, I have looked at scripts and tutorials and books. And it has just gotten as far as connecting to the database and doing the "fetching" ("SELECT", or also "retrieve").


Too bad that what is available is not necessarily best. Otherwise I would say one could understand the principle quickly and also pick up on a programming language quickly.


Please bear with me, I would appreciate suggestions.

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What do you mean by 'CRUD' with OOP? Do you mean using PDO? Or you mean learning how to do a CRUD on a DB AND learning OOP at the same time? 


If it's the last, you should probably break up the learning process. Search for PHP and OOP on Google. Then, search for PDO insert, PDO update, PDO select, etc. 


If it's the first, simply search for PDO insert, PDO update, etc.


I have some tutorials on my site about PDO (simple insert), but not on every CRUD parts.

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mogosselin, thanks for the response. I also meant using "pdo". Though, as of now, I am using "bindValue()" with this I can freely use SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. So I figured it out "till to this" on how to do this with OOP and prepared statements.

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