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Being employable with PHP

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I code in my own time, have done for many years. Although degree level at Computer Science I found myself in an unrelated job, but now want to make the jump into being a web dev.


From the job vacancy specifications I see, most dev jobs don't just require PHP, OO, etc, they specifically ask for framework experience like Zend, or experience in platforms such as Joomla, Magneto etc.


I don't have experience in any frameworks.


Could anyone give me some advice on what it is I should focus my attention on learning to begin with? Is a framework like Zend a worthwhile starting point?

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From my favorite dutch forum i know that the most people over there use Laravel.

But i think that the Zend and Symfony frameworks are still the most advanced frameworks.

I use Symfony and can say that it is really great but also hard to learn.

The form builder of symfony is really most flexible and extensive ever made.


Before i started using Symfony i used CodeIgniter which is a very easy to use MVC framework.

I do not recommand CodeIgniter as an adult framework but it could be a start to get yourself up into the world of frameworks.

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I Dk Laravel is also very widely used. How are your HTML and CSS skills? A framework like bootstrap would also be a plus i guess...

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